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Village Training

Establish a model community to use quantitative and/or qualitative indicators to recruit professional volunteers and professional organizations to assist in the following tasks.

Training courses (skills)

Skills training

Training in tailoring, agricultural technology and improving life skills. Soil, compost, apiculture, mushroom cultivation, diversified agriculture. Build knowledge and productivity by using the local market as a guide and teaching professional skills.

Cooperative (to build a platform and information bridge)

Building a platform and bridging information

In poor communities, we promote season-based community farming and contract cropping, create diversified plantings, give priority to community demand, provide supply and demand information to guide planting, avoid overproduction, and maximize economic benefits. We assist farmers to solve challenges of production, including storage, transportation, and after-production management.

Microfinance (Investment and Involvement)

Investment and Involvement

Wie provide goal-oriented micro credit, and agricultural storage solutions by increasing production facilities and raw materials. In order to help stabilize production, we establish a repayment mechaism and a lending contract through operating as a social enterprise.

Production and sales platform (community and external marketing)

Promoting Local and External Markets

1. Establishing a diversified domestic market demand platform and providing information on contracts and market fluctuations so that crop sales can be arranged in time to maximize profits.
2. Promoting CSA( Community Supported Agriculture )

Five economic master plans

Tailoring Project

The poorest people in the world are in rural areas in Africa, and almost all of the people who work hard in the fields are women. We promote cloth sanitary pads making courses and tailoring courses, to effectively guide and mobilize women to participate in the social and economic levels, so that the poverty problem has a chance to improve. The production of cloth sanitary pads improves the skills of women, and guides related benefits and real improvement of poverty issues and presents a multiplier effect.

Mushroom Project

The mushroom cultivation project will be promoted in poor communities, where there is not enough land to supplement plant-based protein. Extreme poverty is the biggest plight of this land of Africa. The challenges of hunger and disease cannot be overcome, and terrorism will grow in such an environment. Feeding every hungry child requires collaboration with women.

Rabbit, Chicken Project

Children in the countryside generally suffer from growth retardation. Many nutrition studies have shown that supplementing enough protein for six-year-old children before school age will help brain development. In the countryside, we promote organic agriculture, the raising of chickens and mushrooms, and the growing of mushrooms, in order to establish a family-style meat protein supplement system. We continue to increase organic fruits and vegetables, use animal manure to improve the soil, establish diverse ecological farms, use natural stocking and mixed fruit tree planting to reduce the impact of climate change, promote farm-to-table and cooperate with the community as a whole, and build sustainability by ensuring both self-sufficiency and market access, allowing for sustainable development. We assist women in farming, cooking, hygiene, parenting, schooling, and other livelihood skills, helping rural women to become the fulcrum of support in their families.

Bee Project

The natural environment of Africa is the guaranteed source of high-quality honey. We have organized women’s workshops in rural communities, helped local women increase their income through making sanitary pads, assisted in the production of various types of beehives, and earned money from beekeeping. The Love Binti Beehive Project helps small beekeepers by providing support for beehives. Women make beehives during downtimes of the farm, and use honey to cultivate friendly plants for pollination to increase yield and quality. The beekeeper must exchange the equivalent honey for each beehive. The harvested natural honey will be sent to SGS for testing and exported to other countries to create income for farmers and maintain the operation of the beehive project.

Seed (Compost) Project

We promote the use of diversified vegetable cultivation, organic soil, high-quality seeds and compost. We improve the quality of life by organizing continuous short-term agricultural courses. We guide production by growing seedlings and organizing contracts, and we organize hands-on agricultural training. This aims are to increase family income for women and allow the poor to participate in the market and get treated fairly, to allow more poor people to feed their children and have access to what they need in life, to improve the basic living conditions and competitiveness of backward areas through agriculture, and to build a regional micro-market economy.


Water source, environmental sanitation and personal hygiene

Clean drinking water can effectively improve public health, the physiological hygiene of women, prevent children from dysentery and typhoid fever, and prevent the spread of the global Covid-19 epidemic. Clean water resources will bring long-term and more valuable benefits to the development of communities. It is the most urgently needed and prioritized project in the poor and remote rural areas.

Cloth sanitary pad workshop & hygiene education

The cloth sanitary pad workshop aims to teach disadvantaged women to make affordable sanitary products. The materials needed to sew cloth sanitary napkins will be prepared before class. Questions such as "how to choose fabric", "material acquisition and price" and "cloth sanitary pad cleaning and maintenance" will also be mentioned in the course. In the last part, women are encouraged to share their menstrual experience with each other and introduce the importance of menstrual hygiene management (MHM). The workshop usually takes 3 hours and can be held under a tree, church, school or other non-governmental organization. We look forward to cooperating with more groups to jointly promote reusable cloth sanitary pads. I want to participate in the Taiwanese cloth sanitary pad sewing project 》

Digging wells, collecting rainwater, purifying water

For poor communities, the goal of providing clean water is to ensure the safety of drinking water through good water supply practices, including: digging wells, collecting rainwater, filtering water, boiling, building toilets, and building septic tanks to effectively improve environmental hygiene and prevent the spread of diseases. People lack water, sanitation facilities, and sanitation (WASH), leading to the threat of dysentery and typhoid related infectious diseases. In the less developed areas of Africa, about one billion people lack basic sanitation. Clean water helps rural areas save medical expenses, and effectively enhances the education rights and health of children and women.

Toilet Building

Women could be sexually assaulted when they go to the toilet in the wilderness, and the water source is mixed with human and animal waste (feces and urine). The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) aim that everyone will enjoy "full and fair" access sanitary condition by 2030. The improvement of latrines will reduce diseases, and guarantee public health and women’s safety. It is an important indicator of community health and women’s safety.


It is initially estimated that 60% of diarrhoeal disease deaths are caused by inadequate water, sanitation and personal hygiene. But washing hands alone can reduce diarrhea cases by about 30%, which is a very important part of promoting community hygiene education.


We improve and connect the community with water resources, classrooms, and public facilities. These facilities will lay the foundation for the development of the community. Combining church and school resources, focusing on public interests and establishing systems, building toilets, technical training centers, assisting in the construction of communities and supporting diversified agricultural projects, guiding and cooperating with other organizations to promote large-scale public welfare projects, alleviating poverty by taking the community as a whole, and becoming the cornerstone of development for extremely poor communities.

Classroom construction

Improve rural education hardware facilities: classrooms, school offices, teaching equipment, desks and chairs, school kitchens.

Vocational Training Center

Invest in food and agriculture education, combine school resources, bring food knowledge and sustainable development into life and curriculum.

Agricultural Product Store

In addition to fighting the weather and agricultural pests, farmers still need to face the challenges of preserving food in the harvest season, such as rats and pests. Because of the lack of good storage equipment, 30% of the food is wasted before trade. This affects the income of every farmer. The construction of storage facilities can most directly improve the income of rural women.

Medical emergency plan

Help rural communities to establish emergency assistance mechanisms, ambulances, motorcycles, and emergency medical reserves.

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